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20th May


Does the Size of Your Wedding Make a Difference?

I came across a very interesting reference in Psychology Today’s May 2015 edition.  On page 10, it quotes the The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, 2014 study addressing the correlation between the number of wedding attendees and marital satisfaction.  On page 14 of the study, the report seeks to make the case that as the number of attendees rise, couples’ marital satisfaction rises commensurately.  The authors explain that since there are more witnesses to this commitment, the couples themselves take the commitment more seriously.  The authors’ acknowledged that there is more research necessary to solidify this connection.  There seems to be something quite interesting to this though.

How do we take that information and consider a previous post of mine about how others perceive us.  In that blog post, I wondered about how much people really care about us in our very self-centered generation.  I expressed support for the idea that typically people don’t care all that much.  But, one can make the case that when people do or don’t care about others depends on the situation.  On unimportant, trivial things, people don’t pay attention.  On important things, like marital commitment, perhaps others do care more.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear you comments!

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