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28th Jan


The Spotlight Effect: Dealing with our Own Perception of How Others Perceive Us

How often have we thought that someone or many someones have a certain perception of us that is most likely not accurate?  How much damage does that do to us and our sense of self?  The questions of where this comes from and how to counter-balance this negativity is of great importance.

We struggle with this negativity all the time.  Do other people really notice this imperfection or that imperfection?  Better yet, even if they do, do they care about the imperfection?  Do they even remember that imperfection five minutes after they’ve made the reputed observation?  We often think so, but in reality, it is not so.  For all of what people complain about our society that we are too self-centered and self-absorbed, this is one area where that generally negative feeling about society would be a positive.  No one remembers or cares about our own personal quirks because they are too caught up in themselves.

So what is it that we are obsessed with how others view us?

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