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13th May


What Do You Think About Marriage Counseling?

Did you catch this article about marriage counseling?  If you’ve ever thought about couples counseling, read this article – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-doyle/marriage-counseling_b_1933187.html.

However, when you are done with that, read my colleague, Raffi Bilek’s rebuttal, here, http://www.baltimoretherapycenter.com/6-reasons-marriage-counseling-is-not-bs/.  Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C, is the Director of the Baltimore Therapy Center in Baltimore, MD, where he offers marriage and couples counseling to couples at all stages of their relationship.  To learn more about marital therapy at the Baltimore Therapy Center, visit www.baltimoretherapycenter.com.

I whole heartedly agree.  I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  What do you think?  Post comments below or tweet us @RiverWG

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Lisa Mon

2018-12-13 11:40:40 Reply

Marriage is not a guarantee that someone will stay with you forever they will eventually leave no matter what you both have shared together. I have been married for 18 years now and never in one day has my husband treat me with with no love until our 15th year. He was seeing another woman and thought i won’t know about it, he kept this for me for five months and each time i ask him about it he would denial it and after a while we were separated and later he filled for a divorce. I couldn’t believe it would come to this, i kept oping he would change his mind but he didn’t. I needed help so bad cause i didn’t want to loose my husband and i didn’t want my kids to grow up without their dad. I met a prophetess who was restoring love back to how it was, and so i made contact and explained what i was going through to him, she asked me to wait for two weeks time and everything will be solved, i did what was asked of me and waited. After two weeks time my husband came home asking me to forgive him for what e did and he wanted to be family again and wants the divorce cancelled. I’m so grateful for the help and i want to tell the world about her, you can contact her for help and she will surly help out.

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